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Microsoft Should Promote an iOS Game

2/7/2013 5:09:26 PM

Angry Birds came to Windows Phone a year late (or something), Instagram is still not there, etc.. It doesn’t matter that there are other alternatives, it’s a status, validation thing. iPhone and now Android users always looked down on us, Windows Phone users, and bragged that they have the Hip App X, but we don’t and that they had the Fun Game Y 3 months before we got it.

But guess what? Things are changing. Even if slowly. A few weeks ago I had an experience at a semi-drunk party where people came up with an idea of having their faces “ugglified” by some real time phone app and the app in question was CamWow. Surprisingly (or probably not) it worked better on my Lumia 920 than iPhone 4s and 5. I’m not sure what was better, but my iFriends wanted to look ugly on my phone rather than theirs. And another friend with Galaxy S3 was sitting silently in the corner. There’s no CamWow for Android. Now I’m pretty sure there are other similar apps on Android, quite possibly they are even better. But you know what? There are other photo editing apps on WP, some even better than Instagram, but Instagram is a status thing and I get it.

There are also quite a few physics games on Windows Phone. At least one of them is better than Angry Birds, in my humble opinion. The game is called Krashlander and it has been available on Windows Phone since day 1. Now – 2 years 3 months and some days later – it makes it’s debut on iOS and our iPhone friends can finally enjoy what we have finished 2 years ago. Good for them! Go get it.

I think Microsoft should make a bold move and promote Krashlander for iOS. I’m sure this will never happen, but a TV ad saying something like “The Windows Phone hit game comes to your iPad, finally.” would be very cool and show that times are changing.

In any case go get Krashlander on iOS or Windows Phone (if you managed to miss it somehow) and you are welcome.

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