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1/7/2013 8:04:53 PM


I’ve recently switched my personal email account from Gmail to I’ve been using for several weeks now and I really like it. I’ll need some time to figure out if it’s really great or was I just wowed by its slickness. On the surface it feels nicer, faster, more natural when navigated with keyboard, etc. But that’s another story.

This post is about one “feature” that made its way from Hotmail to It’s the thing I hated the most in Hotmail. I complained to support about it like 3-4 years ago and got a response that, no, it’s not possible to switch this feature off. It’s been several years since then, a new UI, a new domain, a new name but this ridiculous feature is still there and you still can’t turn it off.

That feature is a popup (you can see it at the bottom of the screenshot above) offering you to collect your emails from another account into your The email address in question is the one I use as my Microsoft Account (formerly know as Live ID). It’s not a or or address. There’s no real mail box behind it so I can’t set it up to make this dialog shut up. And even if I could, what if I just don’t want to?

You can close this dialog, but the next time you visit it will pop up again. How difficult could it be to make a way to disable this “feature” permanently? I don’t have any hope of getting it fixed via official support channels so the only thing left is bitching on the internet. So here you go, I’ve bitched. I can now return to the regular things. Right after I click that “Close” button and swear.


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