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How I Know Windows Phone Will Be a Success

7/26/2011 5:55:33 PM


My wife is not technical. At all. She doesn’t care about mobile operating systems, ecosystems and stuff like that. She has no idea how many apps are there in Apple’s AppStore, Android Market or Windows Phone Marketplace.

A year ago she got a bug that she needs to get an iPhone. But iPhones over here are either ridiculously expensive without a contract, or come on ridiculously expensive (in local prices) contracts and only on a different network than the one our family uses. So we declared iPhone a no go. What she cared about anyway was the looks and the “status”.

Later on Samsung released Galaxy S which looked kinda like an iPhone, was substantially cheaper (at least for us) and in many aspects looked better on paper. So that’s what she got.

It’s a nice phone (if you don’t mind the slippery back). So for the next half a year she used it like an expensive dumbphone + Angry Birds. Then her employer closed access to Skype at work. So I almost forced her to install Skype on the phone – “It’s painful to look how you underuse such a powerful smartphone”. Turns out at the time Skype for Android didn’t work on specifically Samsung Galaxy S. So much for a flagship Android phone. Then the problem was solved.

Around that time I got my first Windows Phone. Wife looked at it and said something like “woah, it’s alive! let’s switch!”. I told her that there’s no Skype on it and it’s not coming in the nearest future. That future is almost here.

For the next half a year whenever she picked my phone from the table she was always impressed with the Metro UI and wanted to swap phones with me.

At the same time she always repeated that she wants an iPhone. Even though she has never used one.

Few months ago she got into all that Facebook craziness. She is also a pretty good photographer (but too lazy to do something about it). So she started double-shooting photos. Once with DSLR and once with her phone for immediate upload to Facebook.

Then she heard about an iPhone app called Hipstamatic. It’s a photo effects app for iPhone with a pretty ridiculous (in my humble opinion) fake analog UI. So we looked for Android equivalent. One of the most popular Android photo effects apps is FxCamera. It’s featureset and effect quality seems to be a pale copy of both Hipstamatic and Pictures Lab on Windows Phone. But it’s free and kind of does the trick.

But whenever she picked up my phone she was always delighted. Yet she repeated that she wants an iPhone.

The more she used the phone the slower it became. It’s pretty painful to watch how she taps and taps on these buttons and the screen to go in and out from Facebook to FxCamera and back again. And this seemingly powerful phone is in no hurry to react. It’s also extremely annoying when I have to wait while she takes a picture and waits a long time for the app to process it.

“I want an iPhone!”

The other day we were having a dinner right next to Apple’s partner store (there are no real Apple Stores in Lithuania). So she says “Lets go check out the iPhone”. I oblige. She’s playing with the iPhone 4:

“Uh, oh… this screen is small” (3.5” on iPhone vs. 4.0” on Galaxy S)

“Hmm… looks kinda the same as mine”

“Hmm… Hmm .. I want a Windows Phone, but with Hipstamatic!”

And then I showed her Pictures Lab…


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