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Troubles with OneNote image scaling on Windows Phone

5/4/2011 11:03:58 AM

During my trip to USA I’ve been burned by one issue with OneNote on Windows Phone which I think wasn’t the case before the NoDo update. I’m not 100% sure that it was OK back then and I don’t have a spare pre-NoDo phone and don’t want to rollback my primary phone just to verify this.

Anyway it’s not OK how it is now and I think it’s a bug that needs to be addressed.

The problem

Quite often I “print” some document or web page to OneNote. It is stored there as an image. I did so before the trip and “printed” various hotel, flight, car reservations, visa waiver info and other stuff this way. It looked perfectly fine on the PC. Here’s a sample:


Yes, the ASP.NET stuff going through is funny, but is not the point. The point is that the text is perfectly crisp.

So, the notebook is synced to my Windows Phone and everything looks fine. But when I open the note on the phone and zoom-in on the printout it looks like this


Not very usable. And as I mentioned above I don’t think this was the case few months ago.

I thought this could be some “optimization” to save network traffic, but I tried emailing the note from the phone to myself and opening it on the PC. Looks perfectly crisp. So this must be some scaling quality issue in OneNote on the phone itself.

Can you try it on your pre-NoDo (or even post-NoDo) phone?

I’m pretty sure I have successfully used OneNote in such scenario before. Unless I’m hallucinating. So I’d be grateful if you could verify that it was (or wasn’t) OK on your pre-NoDo phone. Or maybe it’s just me and/or my phone (Optimus 7) and it’s OK for others on post-NoDo phones too?

So to reproduce this “print” any document or web page with text to your OneNote notebook that is synced with your WP7, sync and open the note on the phone. Try zooming in on the image. How’s the quality?

Thank you!

Update: thanks to guys on twitter and WPCentral I’ve confirmed this has nothing to do with NoDo and has been an issue since day one. I’ve probably used it before in a slightly different scenario and didn’t notice the issue. Still it is something that is in desperate need of fixing and it’s kind of sad it wasn’t fixed in NoDo.


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