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See You at MIX11!

4/8/2011 9:14:02 AM

Yesterday I’ve wrapped up my main work stuff. Today I’m doing my final travel preparations. Packing my bags on Saturday. Sunday is the trip day – Vilnius –> Kiev –> New York –> Las Vegas. MIX11 starts on Monday.

I’ll be attending HTML5 and jQuery bootcamps on Monday. With 11 TBA (to be announced) Windows Phone sessions I decided not to plan any session schedule upfront and decide what to attend on the spot. I would love to go on the WP7 track but I have doubts Microsoft is going to make it easier for us in Eastern Europe to do WP7 development and publishing. This cripples my interest a lot.

Open Source Fest

On Monday I’ll represent amCharts Quick Charts during the Open Source Fest – an event with more than 50 open source projects. If there was an award for the longest project name I’d be a winner already.

Anyway, if you want to chat about any amCharts products come to the amCharts table and we’ll talk. I’ll be wearing this t-shirt (unless my luggage is lost):


And don’t forget to leave some chips in my jar (or whatever they give me)!

Silverlight MIXer


I won an invitation to the l33t Silverlight party (organized by the awesome John Papa) with this work of modern art (pictured above). Looking forward to meeting (almost) all of the coolest people in Silverlight community.

Let’s talk

Let’s meet and talk about WP7, Silverlight, WPF, amCharts, AdDuplex … anything. I’ve learned from my mistakes last year and I’m bringing identifiable wardrobe to MIX11. So I should be easy enough to spot.


OK. Back to last minute things…

See You at MIX11


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