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Dear Microsoft, This is not Funny Anymore!

11/23/2010 5:36:42 PM

wp7racistI’ve got my Windows Phone 7 yesterday and so far I really like it (more on that later). Officially there are still no Windows Phones over here in Lithuania, so I had to get mine from abroad. That said, even though it’s sad that I have to go through hoops to get access even to free apps and can’t get paid apps at all, I wasn’t going to write much about it. After all WP7 is not yet officially launched in my country. That is stupid in it’s own merit but oh well.

I thought that it’ll be all resolved once official carriers start selling the phones next month. But today I found out that phones are out in countries like Norway, they can even be WP7 developers (unlike us) but they can’t officially access the marketplace unless they fake their country in settings.


I mean seriously, WTF!?!

I can totally understand why it isn’t possible to provide access to music & video parts of the marketplace. Microsoft doesn’t have full control over that content. But apps? What is the deal here?

It would be interesting to hear the official version of the problems involved in accepting my regular VISA or MasterCard credit card if I feel like paying for some fart apps. Sometimes I have been denied shipping of physical products, downloads of legal music by major labels, but this is really beyond understandable and feels plainly racist.


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