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Online Tool to Get RSA Public Key in XML Signature format

5/24/2010 6:14:01 PM

Last month I’ve posted a short how-to about getting XML Signature foramatted public key from Base64 encoded certificate. Now that I’ve launched a sub-site for my online tools I thought there’s no reason to leave that post as a how-to only, when most people just need to use it once.

So I’ve made a simple online tool that does just that – you paste your base64 encoded RSA public key into a form and get XML signature formatted version. No need to implement this yourself.

What's that for?

If you need to say verify data in .NET signed with private key and you don't have/want the public key (certificate) installed on your machine, the easiest way to go is to load public key data from XML string using RSACryptoServiceProvider.FromXmlString() method.

Problem is that it accepts key information in XML Signature format (the one with <RSAKeyValue><Modulus> etc.) and there is no easy way to get it in that format. Most of the time you get the key in base64 encoded form or in binary form from which you can get the base64 version.

This tool lets you get the XML Signature version from that base64 representation.

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