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Ghost Lines in Silverlight

4/7/2010 4:30:00 PM

Some pretty strange bug in amCharts has been reported to me. In one scenario user got 3 graph lines when zooming-in deeply on a single line graph.

While investigating this bug I found out that previous data point in that scenario was far apart from the one in view and a line was drawn from that previous data point to the current one. The calculated X-coordinate of the previous data point was something around –89000 in my test case so I became curious if this a little crazy coordinate value could be the source of the problem.

I made a very simple Silverlight 3 user control with this simple XAML:

   1: <Canvas>
   2:     <Line X1="-50000" Y1="10" X2="500" Y2="110" Stroke="Green" />
   3: </Canvas>

Here’s what you get when you run this app:



It looks like even though X1 is supposed to be of type double it rolls over what appears to be Int16.MinValue limit. Tried this in Silverlight 4 RC with exactly the same result. Surprisingly (actually not surprisingly at all) this exact code works as expected in WPF.

Searching around the web produced a couple of results dealing with something that appears to be manifestation of the same issue but in different scenarios and with different outcome.

I wasn’t able to locate any mentions of these limitations in the documentation but I must admit I wasn’t looking hard enough to say that it’s definitely not there.

I’m not sure if I should report this as a bug somewhere provided that one of the posts above is on official Silverlight forums and there are no official answers to it. What I know is that we – Silverlight developers – have to account for this issue in our code and make required approximations ourselves (as in my case) or impose limits on users (as in cases above). So just beware of this oddity.

Some official or just informed word on the issue wouldn't hurt either.

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