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See You at MIX10!

3/11/2010 7:21:18 PM

So I’m going to MIX10. This will be my first trip to Vegas, my first trip to USA, my first flight over Atlantic Ocean and I think my first conference of any sort. I guess I’m not that old after all, if I can get so many first time experiences from one trip.

I’m looking forward to all the cool info on Windows Phone 7, Silverlight 4, etc. And I’m looking forward to meeting loads of cool nerds. Not sure if my brain can handle it, though. I really like meeting interesting people but I’m a shy person and I guess I may have problems approaching people for no other reason than saying “hello”. So I included my mug shot below (click to enlarge) for those who aren’t as shy as I am. I encourage you to come say “hi” if you see me at MIX.


And as a bonus ask me for a free amCharts license and I’ll give you one!

I’m planning on doing a short trip to Los Angeles and San Francisco area after MIX. So if you are driving from Las Vegas to LA on March 18th and have a place for a passenger, please, consider me. You can contact me via email or twitter @ailon.

And if you’d like to grab a beer in LA on 18th-19th or in SF area on 20th-22nd drop me a line too.

See you at MIX!

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