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I’m going to MIX10!

2/16/2010 11:10:44 AM

Thanks to all who voted for my MIX 10K Smart Coding Challenge entry. Thanks to you I’ve won the Community Prize!


I’ve already bought the plane tickets and I’m flying Vilnius – Copenhagen – Newark – Las Vegas on March 13th. Anyone on the same route? These are probably the most pleasant unexpected expenses of my life.

Congratulations to Grand Prize winner Jimmy D for his awesome Frog Log game made in HTML5 and to all runners-up!

I especially liked Pipe Runner by Rafal C – truly awesome game. You have to check it out. When I first saw it I thought I have no chances but I guess being an early bird paid off.

Thanks again to everyone who voted for my little game. You can download the source code of a slightly spiced up version here. It’s not a 10kb version and it’s not a good example of how you should develop Silverlight games (the beauty of code was not the objective) but it’s available for the curious.


If you would like to hook up at the conference or en route feel free to email me at or message me on twitter @ailon or leave a comment here.

See you in Vegas!

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