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Merging SVN branch back to trunk with TortoiseSVN

3/31/2009 4:38:35 PM

This post is mostly a note to self, cause if I don’t do this for some time I forget how to do it and spend quite some time figuring things out. Actually this is quite a simple task but awkwardly implemented (from my point of view).

Now I did it for a second time in 2 weeks and managed to merge my branch back to trunk from the first attempt, so I decided it’s good ocassion to write things down so I don’t waste time the next time I forget the procedure.

So, here’s what you do after you are finished working on your branch and want to merge everything back to trunk:

  1. Make sure you’ve commited everything to your branch.
  2. Backup your whole working copy (just in case :)
  3. Switch your working copy to trunk: Right click->TortoiseSVN->Switch. Select your trunk URL, HEAD revision and press OK.
  4. Merge (this is the awkward part): Right click->TortoiseSVN->Merge. In from box select URL of your trunk (HEAD revision), uncheck Use “From:” checkbox in To section and select branch URL in To box. Test wit “Dry run” and press “Merge” if everything is correct.
  5. Commit to trunk

That’s it.

Bonus track: here’s a good article on minimizing merging conflicts when working on branches.

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