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Visual Studio Trial Upgrade: 24 days later

6/2/2008 10:57:28 AM


I wanted to wait a month before checking back on this issue but recent post by ScottGu (more on this later in this post) changed my plans.

So, it's been 24 days since that post. Thanks to DotNetKicks, Dzone and, obviously, Google that post was viewed more than 1100 times directly (not counting views through RSS, as part of the whole blog, etc.). I'm pretty confident that someone from Microsoft directly responsible for these things or at least someone who knows someone who is in some way related to this has seen it.

Today I tried to repeat the quest and failed exactly the same way as almost a month earlier. The only difference was that MSDN's header design has changed and "Content Not Found" page looks prettier now.

Now back to the a/m ScottGu's post. Only things why I wanted to upgrade to VS2008 right now were to play with Silverlight and ASP.NET MVC. Sure I'd like to use VS2008 with other things but for now I work on 2.0 projects and there's no immediate need for 2008. And from that post it appears that I can do my playing from VWD Express 2008 meaning that I can delay upgrade to VS2008 for as long as I want (if ever). This is no way a solution for the actual non-upgradeability problem but it's not my fault that Microsoft doesn't want my money.

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