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Essential Silverlight 2 (Up-to-Date) by Christian Wenz

6/18/2008 4:04:03 PM

Finished reading Essential Silverlight 2 (Up-to-Date) by Christian Wenz. I've posted about the look and feel of the "Up-to-Date" concept when I got the book. To that aspect I can only add that it was actually more comfortable to read than I've anticipated. The binder doesn't stand in the way and probably is sturdier than paperback or even hardcover.

Now let's move on to the reason why I bought this book - content. The book succeeds at getting you excited about the technology and that's basically it. It shows you how to do basic XAML and how to access the objects from C# and JavaScript very briefly (currently it's only about 200 pages long). I really missed a part dealing with creation of objects and drawing directly from C#. I don't think that's something outside of the scope of "essential" book. It also seems that some chapters are being rewritten from JavaScript to C# but the text still says "JavaScript" while the code in the example is in C#.

I was mostly interested in Part 3: Programming Silverlight with .NET. But to my surprise it dealt with embedding Silverlight into ASP.NET pages rather than actual programming of Silverlight apps.

Anyway I got my share of excitement about the technology and feel pretty comfortable to start actually doing some stuff with it after reading this book.

Verdict: succeeds at getting reader excited about Silverlight 2 and stops right there

P.S.: This review refers to the book with "Update 1" (Beta 1) applied.

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