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Accelerated C# 2008 by Trey Nash

6/13/2008 3:56:01 PM

accelerated_csharp_2008I've been developing in C# (on and off) since version 1.0 was in beta. I've read a book about it when version 1 came out and then I relied on online articles, blogs and docs to stay updated. Now (2 versions later) I decided that it's about time to read something systematic on the language to get a complete overview of the things I could've missed over the years and to familiarize myself with new features in C# 3.0 (btw, book title is probably a work of some crazy marketing mind since there's no such thing as C# 2008 AFAIK) .

And the book delivers just what I needed: concise overview of most of the language features complete with samples, usage patterns and best practices. Accelerated C# 2008 (Accelerated) is targeted at developers with some prior experience. It's stated in several places that it's for C++, Java and Visual Basic developers though it's perfectly clear that Trey Nash has lots of things to say to C/C++ and C# guys and not so much to the Java and Visual Basic crowd. Almost all comparisons are done with C++ world so if you are Java/VB developer I suggest you look elsewhere or at least be warned that you wont find many references to these languages.

Verdict: highly recommended for C++ and C# developers, not so much for beginners and Java and VB developers

P.S.: actually in this case I've read a Russian translation of this book titled "C# 2008 ускоренный курс для профессионалов" so I can't talk about publishing related qualities of the book.

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