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Diarist 2

4/30/2008 5:26:53 PM

diarist I came across Diarist blogging application for Windows Mobile last year when I was still running my personal blog on LifeType. Unfortunately back then there was a problem posting using Diarist to my blog in Cyrillic. Kevin Daly (author of the Diarist) was very supportive and tried every possible way to solve that issue but unfortunately we were unable to solve it and I had to postpone blogging from my phone until the planned and delayed (due to my laziness) move to BlogEngine.NET.

Now I've moved to BE.NET and Yesterday I finally decided to try Diarist again. However there was a problem adding my blog to Diarist. It looked that there were some misunderstandings in the encoding department between the two. The most frustrating part was that I clearly remember that I tried Diarist with BE back in 2007 and it worked. Anyway I contacted Kevin and once again he was on it almost immediately.

Less than one day have passed and voila - new fixed version of Diarist is released!

Now, I provide support for a couple of projects (1, 2) and try to do it in a timely manner but Kevin's speed makes me blush.

Keep up the great work, Kevin and thank you very much!

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