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Cross-post to LiveJournal Extension for BlogEngine.NET

4/24/2008 7:07:00 PM

Some time ago I decided to cross-post all my blog posts from various blogs to my blog at LiveJournal. I used cross-posting plugin for Windows Live Writer by Daniel Cazzulino for some time but then it stopped working with newer releases of WLW. So after toying with idea for some months I decided to write an extension for BlogEngine.NET to do this automatically.

Update: 2008-04-25: I've updated the extension to version 1.0. Here's what was added/fixed

  1. FEATURE ADDED: username, password, xml-rpc url and prepended text could now be edited in Extension Manager
  2. FEATURE ADDED: tags are now cross-posted along with the post
  3. BUGFIX: LiveJournal assumed that posts are in ASCII. Though they were stored and displayed just fine, it wasn't possible to correctly edit them in LJ. Added ver=1 protocol version number.

Note that you will need to configure the extension in Extension Manager after installation

Download it: (2kb)

I've used excellent XML-RPC.NET library by Charles Cook so you'll need that too.


  1. Download XML-RPC.NET library from
  2. Copy bin/CookComputing.XmlRpcV2.dll to Bin directory of your BlogEngine.NET installation
  3. Upload the files in App_Code/Extensions/ directory to the App_Code/Extensions/ of your BlogEngine.NET installation
  4. Configure the extension in Extension Manager

Known limitations/issues

  • In case your post includes relative URLs in links or image source attributes they wont work. I use WindowsLiveWriter for most of my posts and it inserts images with absolute URLs so this is a minor problem in my case
  • Only new posts are being cross-posted. Cross-posting updates adds too much overhead in tracking IDs, etc. so I don't plan to do this in the nearest future.

Other APIs

I plan to create similar extension for MetaWeblog API if someone needs it. So, again, let me know if you do, so I don't waste time for no reason.

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P.S.: here's this post cross-posted to LiveJournal using this extension.

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