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My main software development projects

  • amCharts for WPF
    The best charting controls for WPF platform. Pricing starts from FREE for a fully functional version.
  • SPAW Editor
    Open source web based online WYSIWYG HTML editor.

Other small utilities and random downloadable stuff I made:

WPF Controls

Bulleted Path (latest version 1.0, 2009-05-12)

Bulleted Path for WPFBulletedPath control lets you create shapes with advanced round or square, opaque, outline or outlined bullets in your WPF (and most likely Silverlight (please let me know if you try it in Silverlight)) applications. The algorithm is described in my article at

BulletedPath is released under the permissive BSD license.

Download BulletedPath (Binaries, C# source code, reference) 

Silverlight Games


Tic-Tac-Toe - Open Source Sivlerlight Game

A simple opensource Silverlight game.

BlogEngine.NET Extensions

BlogEngine.NET has a ridiculously easy to use extension system. So whenever I feel I need some additional functionality I don't hesitate to fire up Visual Studio and do it myself.

  • Cross-post to LiveJournal (latest version 1.0, 2008-04-25)
    This let's you cross-post your BE posts to LiveJournal
  • Slug Transliterator (latest version 1.0, 2008-04-28)
    Could be useful when you blog in a language with non-Latin alphabet. SlugTransliterator helps you get a much nicer looking automatic slugs.
  • In-line Tags (latest version 1.0, 2008-05-07)
    You can attach tags to your posts even when using blogging client that doesn't support tags

Misc. stuff

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