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Ode and a [slow] farewell to Twitter

11/26/2012 7:48:45 PM

“Facebook is for people you went to high school with, Twitter is for people you wish you went to high school with”

-- Someone on Twitter

It wouldn’t be a huge exaggeration to say that my current occupation (and success, if you will) is 50% thanks to Twitter. I’ve joined Twitter in 2008 considering it (as it was advertised at the time) a micro-blogging platform. I enjoyed blogging but sometimes things I wanted to spill to the ether were too short to warrant a blog post. And that’s were Twitter was supposed to come in. Little did I know that it will become the most important communication platform, news source and marketing channel in my life.


In late 2009 I’ve noticed an interesting competition announced by someone on Twitter. It was called MIX10k and the objective was to create a Silverlight (some other technologies were allowed too) app with less than 10kb of source code. So I’ve created this 3D Tic-Tac-Toe game, submitted and campaigned for it on Twitter. I didn’t win the Grand Prize, but won a Community Prize. Thank you, Twitter!

And the prize was [partially] paid trip to MIX10 conference in Las Vegas. That was my first major conference and actually the first trip to US. Moreover that was the conference were Windows Phone 7 development story was unveiled. And Windows Phone development was what I wanted to do next. Unfortunately I got some bad news at the conference, but nevertheless met a ton of cool people who were and still are active in the Windows Phone community on Twitter and elsewhere.

So my initial life plan for 2010 failed, but I’ve stayed active in the #WPDEV community.


I was hanging on Twitter with my Windows Phone developer friends (among other interesting people) all the time and was curious to see their successes once Windows Phone platform launched. What I saw was some happiness, but mostly disappointment in the way indie developers (especially game developers) struggled to get any visibility in the Store (called Marketplace back then) and as a result not getting any meaningful income from their ad supported apps.

Seeing this I had an idea that developers could help each other by promoting each others apps utilizing the ad space that doesn’t bring them any meaningful income anyway. That’s how AdDuplex was born. And it’s my primary occupation for more than a year now. Thank you, Twitter!

The End Is Near

I’ve met a ton of awesome people on Twitter. I went and/or got invited to a ton of awesome events via Twitter. I’ve met a ton of awesome people in real life via Twitter. Most of these encounters were made possible thanks to different usage patterns that 3rd party Twitter apps provided us. Currently I’m using Metrotwit on the desktop as my primary Twitter client. It allows me to see a bunch of different activities at a time and constantly occupies a whole monitor. I don’t read twitter as a newspaper or an RSS feed. I glance at it from time to time and engage in conversations if something catches my eye. I see my timeline, mentions, DMs and a couple of search columns all at the same time and get a lot of value out of it.

Unfortunately Twitter thinks I’m using it wrong. They are enforcing their vision on 3rd party developers and basically just kicking them out of the platform in an effort to improve monetization. That’s their right and totally understandable. It just doesn’t play well with the way I’ve used and want to continue to use Twitter.

My copy of Metrotwit still works pretty much as I want it to. But for how long? How enthusiastic do Twitter client developers feel this days? I know for a fact that their morale is pretty low. Twitter clients are going away and with them goes away the Twitter I used to love.

I was very skeptical when I heard about initiative. I thought it was an utopia. I still do. But with recent developments around Tweetro and after watching This Week in Startups with Dalton Cardwell I feel it’s time to look for alternatives. And as of today seems the closest thing to it. No matter how utopic paid social network may sound.

So, I pulled the plug and registered on You can follow me @ailon. You can still follow me @ailon on Twitter too. I’m definitely more present on Twitter than on for the time being, but for how long?

Thank you, Twitter! I’ve loved you. I still like you. And I still want to be friends with you. I just don’t love you anymore. I’m like that spouse that stays only because there’s no strong enough reason to move out just yet. But it’s only a matter of time.

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5/12/2008 10:25:43 AM

twhirl-twitter I was contemplating about starting twitting for some time but lagging. Lately there were numerous post in the blogs I read on the subject and on Sunday morning I was wasting my time waiting for my wife to get ready to go and read this blog post by Rick Strahl. I had about half an hour to waste so I registered my Twitter account and the rest is history... Follow me on Twitter under ailon.

So, honey, you are the one to blame for the additional time I waste ;)

Language dilemma

I speak, read and write (more or less) in 3 languages all the time: Russian at home and with friends, Lithuanian at work and with other friends and English mostly for the technical stuff. So, deciding in which language to twitt is not an easy thing to do. I have 2 blogs: one in Russian for personal non-geeky stuff and this one in (crappy) English for technical stuff. Sometimes I have to decide to which blog (and in what language) to post about subject that border between the two (like the post on Parental Control) and that wastes additional brainpower.

But since twitting should be something less mind consuming I decided I don't want 2 separate twitter accounts. I'll twitt to one account mostly in English but switching to Russian or Lithuanian when I find it more appropriate.


There are so many Twitter clients that I definitely must write another one! (just kidding)


I had Adobe's AIR installed so I decided to try twhirl since it seems to be the most popular. It looks nice and works fine so far. However I plan to try Witty in solidarity with fellow .NET developers.

Windows Mobile

I've seen ceTwit popup several times in's RSS feed so I went and installed it and it seems to work just fine, too. I'd like to try Kevin Daly's Twitula too, but there's very limited information on it's page and I had no time yet to just download and try it.


I also activated twitting through Jabber/GTalk/Miranda and tried to activate twitting by SMS but it doesn't seem to work for me for now. Anyone knows what's the catch?

So, start following me on twitter right now or else...

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