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Fundable Startup

8/9/2011 6:00:43 PM


I've recently visited AngelList and saw a list of startups with their tagline next to the name. Approximately half of these startups had a tagline in the form of "[Insert hot startup here] for [insert some niche here]".

It was amusing at first, but then I remembered something I've read or heard somewhere. The idea was that good Venture Capitalists do extensive research on the companies and markets they are going to invest in. And lazy VCs just assume that good VCs did their research on this concept so it's safe(r) to invest in these "copycats" than in something completely new and unproven.

So, I created a tool that helps you find an idea for your next great and — most importantly — fundable startup by randomly combining other hot startup names with some industries and niches.

Unfortunately I was unable to come up with something fitting this formula for my own startup. Let me know in the comments bellow or @ailon on twitter, if you have an idea. Or you can just follow AdDuplex on AngelList.

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11/1/2007 7:02:41 PM

Today I was playing with Gmail's IMAP implementation and Outlook 2007/Pocket Outlook. As a result (not counting a couple of known issues that will hopefully be fixed soon) I can read email in native clients on my work PC/laptop, PDA/Phone and use Web UI elsewhere (like wife's PC, daughter's PC, mistress's Mac ;). And all my read/unread/deleted mail will be in sync without additional efforts on my side (fingers crossed).

My next thought was: I want the same for my RSS! I used RSS Bandit back in the day when online RSS readers sucked. But synchronizing read/unread items between work and home PCs was pain in the ass and I didn't even read my feeds on my phone back then. So I moved to Bloglines, then to Google Reader, now back to Bloglines (beta). But it would be super cool if I could use desktop RSS reader when on my own PC and web-based reader when elsewhere and this wouldn't require jumping over my head to keep all the feeds and read/unread items in sync.

Creating such a protocol (let's call it IFAP) is not a very difficult task. The difficult part is making it de-facto standard so that both online and offline readers support it and writing/hosting IFAP servers. And this is a task that only someone like Google or Microsoft can pull. Or probably some very ambitious and aggressive startup. Not me, unfortunately.

So, if you have balls of steel (or just happen to work for Google) and you like the idea, please, oh please, implement it. You can count me in as your alpha-tester.

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