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amCharts Quick Charts in “Colin Eberhardt’s Performance Test”

12/17/2010 7:04:19 PM

About a week ago Colin Eberhardt has published a post in Scott Logic blog comparing performance of several Silverlight charting libraries. Not surprisingly their Visiblox charts came on top in a shoot out between 6 contenders (2 of them unnamed for licensing reasons).

amCharts Quick Charts were absent from the comparison. One can only guess why. Maybe they aren’t known enough, even though amCharts comes up higher on Google when looking for “silverlight charts” than many of the reviewed contenders. Or maybe the reason is in the paragraphs below ;)

amCharts Quick Charts Test

I’ve plugged Quick Charts into the test project provided in the above mentioned blog and here’s the result:

Here’s the XAML for Quick Charts

   1: <Grid x:Name="LayoutRoot" Background="White">
   2:       <chart:SerialChart x:Name="chart" 
   3:                          CategoryValueMemberPath="Location" 
   4:                          LegendVisibility="Collapsed" 
   5:                          MinimumValueGridStep="5"
   6:                          MinimumCategoryGridStep="1000"
   7:                          >
   8:           <chart:SerialChart.Graphs>
   9:               <chart:LineGraph Brush="#A00" ValueMemberPath="RIntensity" />
  10:               <chart:LineGraph Brush="#0A0" ValueMemberPath="GIntensity"  />
  11:               <chart:LineGraph Brush="#00A" ValueMemberPath="BIntensity"  />
  12:           </chart:SerialChart.Graphs>
  13:       </chart:SerialChart>
  14:   </Grid>

and C# for hooking app the data from the test suite:

   1: protected override void RenderDataToChart(List<List<Histogram.DataPoint>> rgbData)
   2: {
   3:     _chart.Chart.DataSource = GetRGBData(rgbData);
   4: }
   6: private List<RGBData> GetRGBData(List<List<Histogram.DataPoint>> rgbData)
   7: {
   8:     var data =
   9:         from r in rgbData[0]
  10:         join g in rgbData[1] on r.Location equals g.Location
  11:         join b in rgbData[2] on r.Location equals b.Location
  12:         select new RGBData() { Location = r.Location, RIntensity = r.Intensity, GIntensity = g.Intensity, BIntensity = b.Intensity };
  14:     return data.ToList();
  15: }

Notice that I had to combine data from 3 separate lists in the test suite into one list for Quick Charts which affects performance somewhat.

Even though I admit this is due to an intentional limitation in Quick Charts, I still can’t see why the data for each point is in 3 separate lists in the first place? 1 object per point would make more sense. Maybe there’s an objective reason for that, or maybe this way is preferable for Visiblox API. I don’t know and lets just leave it at that.

Test results

I’ve ran the automated tests for Visiblox and amCharts Quick Charts on my machine (10 times each) and here are the average results:

  • Visiblox – 63.9 fps
  • amCharts Quick Charts – 70.6 fps.


You probably expect my conclusion to be that amCharts Quick Charts is faster than Visiblox and consequently all the other charting libraries in the original test. Sure, that too ;)

But my main conclusion is that you shouldn’t compare apples to oranges. All the charting libraries on that list have their strong features and they all probably have some killer features that affect performance. Now if you need that feature the performance advantage of some other library (that doesn’t have the feature) is pointless.

amCharts Quick Charts was created with simplicity in mind. So, even though it’s not very performance oriented, it beats other charts because it doesn’t do some special things other libraries (including amCharts Bundle and amCharts Stock Chart) might do.

Anyway the point is: if you need simple and performing WPF, Silverlight or Windows Phone 7 charts, probably nothing beats amCharts Quick Charts, but, when you are after some advanced features or deeper customization, performance becomes a secondary factor, not primary.

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Quick Charts for WPF & Silverlight v.1.0 Beta Released

5/10/2010 3:48:46 PM

We are happy to announce availability of feature complete version of amCharts Quick Charts for WPF & Silverlight.

Quick Charts is an easy to use, fast set of charting controls for WPF & Silverlight. And it's FREE and Open Source (Ms-PL)!

Quick Charts for WPF & Silverlight

Quick Charts motto is: Ease of Use, Speed, Small Footprint. It is amCharts Bundle's little brother. It has less features, but concentrates on what's important for the majority of users. In order to achieve this we didn't just strip the features off of amCharts Bundle, but created Quick Charts from scratch.

Check them out and, please, spread the word. Thanks!

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amCharts Stock Chart for Silverlight Released

11/19/2009 4:21:40 PM

amCharts has just released a beta version of amCharts Stock Chart for Silverlight!

Stock Chart for Silverlight - click for live demo

This version includes all the cool advanced features of our WPF version and enables you to have spectacular advanced stock (and basically any date/time based data) charts in your Silverlight 3 applications.

Take a look at the demos, download your copy, add an advanced control to your Silverlight application and, please, help us spread the word.

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Stock Chart 1.0 Final

10/20/2009 1:34:44 PM

DataSet comparison in Stock Chart

We have released final 1.0 version of the amCharts Stock Chart for WPF. Thanks to everyone who helps us spread the word!

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Stock Chart for WPF

10/12/2009 11:37:39 AM

WPF Stock Chart

We’ve published a release candidate of amCharts Stock Chart for WPF. Stock Chart’s main purpose is visualization of financial data but it’s suitable and very efficent at displaying any date/time based data. It’s free under linkware license even for commercial use.

Check out Stock Chart for WPF demo.

Download amCharts Stock Chart for WPF.

Btw, through the month of October 2009 we are running a 50% discount on Stock Chart licenses. Click here for details.

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amCharts for WPF with Scatter &amp; Bubble Chart Support

7/10/2009 9:16:27 AM

bubble chart for WPF

We’ve released a new version of amCharts for WPF with support for Scatter (XY) & Bubble charting. Check it out and help us spread the word. Thanks!

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amCharts for WPF 1.0 released

4/27/2009 10:49:00 AM

Pie chart, Column chart, Line chart, Mixed column and line chart

We have just released the final 1.0 version of our charts for WPF. Hooray!

Please, help me spread the word by kicking, shouting, dzoning, cross-posting and otherwise promoting the release. Thanks a million!

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amCharts for WPF 1.0 Beta

3/30/2009 4:33:50 PM

 100% stacked WPF column chart

Just released the 1.0 Beta version of our WPF charts bundle. Added support for column & bar charts.

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amCharts for WPF: Line &amp; Area Chart Released

3/13/2009 12:53:44 PM

Just released Line and Area charts for WPF. The announcement is here.

amCharts WPF Line and Area charts

Enjoy. And help us spread the word if you do!

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Charts for WPF

2/18/2009 4:29:05 PM

I haven’t posted anything significant here for quite some time. That’s not because I’m lazy (that too), but because I’ve been busy working on WPF edition of amCharts. For those who don’t know, amCharts is one of the leading charting controls for web developed with Adobe Flash, and I’ve been working on charts for WPF based on the know-how gathered in 2 years amCharts been out.

WPF charts

Overall working with WPF was quite a pleasant change of scenery. There were some rought edges and you really have to turn your head around if you’ve only been dealing with web and/or Windows Forms before. But after some time you get used to it and it’s really amazing what you can do with it.

So, if you are developing for Windows Presentation Foundation platform or plan too and you need a really flexible and powerful charting solution, take a look at amCharts for WPF. And, btw, you can use it absolutely free even in commercial applications as long as you don’t mind a small link back to amCharts in the corner. Or you can purchase a commercial (link-free) license which are going with 75% discount for now.

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