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Could this be the first Google Glass game?

5/7/2013 2:20:50 PM

I’m not sure if Google Glass already has specialized games or not, but a game my friend has just released – The Howler – has got me thinking. Check out this short video demo and decide for yourself.

Yes, you will look like a complete dork from the side, but aren’t people getting Google Glass going for that dork look anyway? Even the International League of Anger Managers recommends it.

Anyway… Even if not for Google Glass this game looks fantastic – it features amazing art based on the sights of my hometown of Vilnius, Lithuania with that darkish steampunk(?) look. And the craziest thing is that all of this art was made by the artist who has probably never used a PC. All of these beautiful images were hand drawn on paper. I can imagine the originals going on my wall, but I guess I won’t be able to afford them once this game becomes a cult item.

Check it out:




The gameplay is casual and fun. Your goal is to pick up and deliver a package using an air balloon or some other contortion, which you control by either touch or voice. You have to consider wind currents and other obstacles. And you can blow them up just by screaming “UGGH!!!”. It’s a fun and sometimes challenging game, but even if you are not into this kind of game it’s worth getting just for the crazy awesome and unconventional art.

Available on iOS and Android (via Amazon).


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