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MVPonT – Most Valuable People to Follow on Twitter

10/9/2010 11:40:44 AM

A week or so ago I was watching my twitter timeline with all the new and renewed Microsoft MVPs announcing their MVP statuses and congratulating one another. Then I tweeted this:

Too bad they don't award MVP to people who talk MS related sh*t on twitter and blog occasionally. In such case I'd be MVP for sure. #mvpbuzz

And immediately had that “aha!” moment. Less than week later I’ve launched MVPonT.


The idea is that twitter users can nominate other tweeter users as most valuable tweeps in their field (as identified by hashtag) and then other users can vote for them or nominate their own.

Here are some categories that should be of interest to the readers of this blog:

There’s much more. Check out the complete tag cloud for more hash tags or start your own!

As you can obviously see the site was started by developer in a community of developers but it’s totally not limited to developers and might go well into mainstream. The only noticeable venture in mainstream so far was with Russian hashtag #ru where fake Russian president totally dominates over the real one (well deserved btw).

I need your help with going into new areas! Nominate tweeps in your area of interest and we’ll all have a good resource to find most valuable people to follow in any field.

Thank you!

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