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Online Tool to Get RSA Public Key in XML Signature format

5/24/2010 6:14:01 PM

Last month I’ve posted a short how-to about getting XML Signature foramatted public key from Base64 encoded certificate. Now that I’ve launched a sub-site for my online tools I thought there’s no reason to leave that post as a how-to only, when most people just need to use it once.

So I’ve made a simple online tool that does just that – you paste your base64 encoded RSA public key into a form and get XML signature formatted version. No need to implement this yourself.

What's that for?

If you need to say verify data in .NET signed with private key and you don't have/want the public key (certificate) installed on your machine, the easiest way to go is to load public key data from XML string using RSACryptoServiceProvider.FromXmlString() method.

Problem is that it accepts key information in XML Signature format (the one with <RSAKeyValue><Modulus> etc.) and there is no easy way to get it in that format. Most of the time you get the key in base64 encoded form or in binary form from which you can get the base64 version.

This tool lets you get the XML Signature version from that base64 representation.

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Automatic Unit Converter

5/21/2010 2:54:45 PM

What & Why?

On my recent trip to USA one of the biggest challenges was a constant need to evaluate all the US units and figuring what they mean to me. Miles, feet, inches, gallons, ounces, Fahrenheit… Come on, guys, it’s about time to switch to normal measurement system! ;)

Nevertheless I’ve liked it there and would definitely want to go again. So, Microsoft Lithuania contest to make an Internet Explorer 8 accelerator with trip to MIX11 as a grand prize couldn’t come handier.

When first paragraph met the second one in my head, I knew immediately what to make for this contest.

Please welcome my Automatic Unit Converter IE8 accelerator and complimentary site. You just select some text on some site, click the blue accelerator button, hover over “Convert to Metric” and get all the known units in your selection converted to metric.

Automatic Unit Converter for IE8

Why not just use Google, Bing, etc.?

  1. Not everything work automagically with Google and Bing. 60 ft 5 inch works, but 60'5" doesn’t. Often you have to tell Google what your target is. Building an engine to figure that out is one short step away from just converting the values. So I just made that step myself.
  2. Multiple values in arbitrary text. When you are looking at a text containing multiple values (like in the screenshot above) you don’t want to select and convert them one by one.

What about other systems and directions?

I would probably improve US-to-Metric over time and add Imperial-to-Metric. As for converting these back from metric I’m not personally interested in it. That said I’ve created a conversion module in away to allow expansion and I’m ready to make it open source. So, if someone is up for the task, let me know and I’ll post the project online and implement selection and specific accelerators for different scenarios into the site.

Vote for me!

My accelerator is listed on the contest page as “Matų konvertavimas”. Click on “Patinka” if you like the accelerator.

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Quick Charts for WPF & Silverlight v.1.0 Beta Released

5/10/2010 3:48:46 PM

We are happy to announce availability of feature complete version of amCharts Quick Charts for WPF & Silverlight.

Quick Charts is an easy to use, fast set of charting controls for WPF & Silverlight. And it's FREE and Open Source (Ms-PL)!

Quick Charts for WPF & Silverlight

Quick Charts motto is: Ease of Use, Speed, Small Footprint. It is amCharts Bundle's little brother. It has less features, but concentrates on what's important for the majority of users. In order to achieve this we didn't just strip the features off of amCharts Bundle, but created Quick Charts from scratch.

Check them out and, please, spread the word. Thanks!

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