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My Entry in MIX 10K Challenge

12/22/2009 11:00:17 AM


My entry in MIX 10K Challenge has been published. For those who don’t know the challenge is a contest where participants create small apps with combined source code size of up to 10kb. The grand prize is a trip to Las Vegas to MIX 2010 conference.

My entry is a Silverlight 3D Tic-Tac-Toe game. Check it out, vote, tweet, retweet, show your friends and co-workers. Send me to Las Vegas!



Stock Chart for WPF & Silverlight 1.1 Released

12/17/2009 9:49:04 AM

amCharts Stock Chart for Silverlight and WPF

We’ve shipped final version 1.1 of amCharts Stock Chart for WPF & Silverlight. Now there’s a powerful (and FREE) advanced financial charting control for Silverlight and WPF. Key additions in this release are:

  • Silverlight version based on the same code base as WPF
  • 3 new EventBullet types: VerticalBand, HorizontalBand and GraphHighlight;
  • support for mouse wheel scrolling and zooming;
  • support for different colors for positive and negative columns in column graph;
  • performance improvements.

More details can be found in the official announcement.


Weekend project: Open Source Silverlight Battleship Game

12/14/2009 2:58:47 PM

Ok, this took something like 2 weekends, but here it is – my Silverlight Battleship game.

Battleship - open source silverlight game

One interesting thing about this project was that I wanted it to support full screen mode and for that to work nicely I needed Viewbox control which is in WPF but not (yet) in official Silverlight distribution. But they have it in Silverlight Toolkit. But the thing is that I only needed Viewbox (which is a small and simple control) from the Toolkit and adding reference to the toolkit’s assembly added a couple of 300+ kb assemblies to my XAP. In result my simple game became a 300kb XAP and this wasn’t the size I was happy with.

Fortunately Silverlight Toolkit is open source (released under MsPL), so I took the sources, found 2 files responsible for the Viewbox, replaced a few constant references to hardcoded values and a couple of extension method calls to inline implementations (to avoid possible chain reference madness) and included that directly into my project. This way my XAP went from chubby (for a simple game) 300kb to a respectable 42k.

Another (non-technical) thing I’ve noticed while doing minor research for this project is that the Battleship we played in (soviet) school is different from the one children in the west (apparently) played. Our fleet consisted of one 4-cell ship, 2 – 3-cell ships, 3 – 2-cell ships and 4 – single-cell ships. The one described in Wikipedia had one 5-cell ship, 1 – 4-cell, 2 – 3 cell and 1 – 2 cell. So I decided to make everyone in the world (hopefully) feel at home and included an option to play with both types of fleets.

So, that’s about all I had to say about this game. Go play it and/or download the source, modify, etc. It’s released under MsPL license. Don’t forget to let me know if you make something cool out of it.

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